You Will Know My Name – Arch Enemy

Their judging eyes watching me Is all I've ever known When I try to open up my heart I am ridiculed and torn apart You tell me jokes I'll never get to hear Behind my back, at my expense There's something inside me and I know it's good I'm not evil, just misunderstood... Do you... Continue Reading →


Instinct – Arch Enemy

The more I see, the less I believe. The more I hear, the less I care. This world we've created has left me cold. This world is sedated, dying in its sleep. I feel nothing (I feel nothing) See it written in a thousand faces, The simple truth we fear. See it happen in a... Continue Reading →

War Eternal – Arch Enemy

Friend or foe? There's no way to know In the battlefield of life it's kill or be killed. So many times it's a matter of degrees: From being up on your luck to down on your knees. It's a hellish inferno This is war eternal. They try to change you, crush and break you. Try... Continue Reading →

No More Regrets – Arch Enemy

  (Verse1) You choose your path Don't shift the blame You ran your course You lost sight of your aim Wrong choices linger Like scars remain Long after the bleeding stops There's nowhere left to hide from the shame [Chorus 1] Never again No! No more regrets What's done is done, can't be erased Know,... Continue Reading →

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