The Call Of The Mountains – Eluveitie

Against the waves, with our swords in our hands Against the sea, with our backs to the walls Against distress, in the presence of our enemies Against the storms, roaring at our faces A cry rang out throughout the skies A beckon, the flight of the cranes The call of the mountains The call of... Continue Reading →


Neverland – Eluveitie

Behold this proud Crestfallen parade Dead bodies towered up like this dividing rampart The hopes of yesterday forgotten and interred Burnt to the ground Lacerate my neverland belauded My otherworld elapsed My silver lining Another false dawn collapsed A glimpse of our safe home Perished in bibracte Another hope dearly prayed When we all were... Continue Reading →

Alesia – Eluveitie

The grass was as green As it always was That sinister day The blackbird sang their songs As they always did That black-letter day We passed the great gate For the very last time I did not look back I knew we'd stay I knew they would not let us go Leave the death strip... Continue Reading →

Inis Mona – Eluveitie

Welcome to the land of questions Welcome to the isle of lore Where the veil came crumbling down There it all began, the germination Unveiling a cryptic door There it was revealed, hopes and aspirations Unclosing an enthralled door Escalate the sense Enhancing to join the dawn I close my eyes, Inis Mona And reminisce... Continue Reading →

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